Session 1

- Meet & Greet

- Introductions of Tony & the family

- Overview of The Plan & 3 Big Why's

- Overview of the technology used by the family so The Plan can be tailored to the specific family

Session 2

- Full explanations of 3 Big Why's

- Apps to Know About

- Blueprint The Plan

- Addiction Test

Session 3

- Blueprint Results

- Talk through Version 1 of Technology Plan

- Defining Consequences

- Resources for Future

Family Coaching

What some families have said about Tony...

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Session 4

- Final Family Technology Plan

- Assist in Installs

- Sign & Celebrate

- Parent Q & A Session

"Tony has a wonderful gift of getting everyone (kids and parents) on the same page through setting common family goals."   - A Family Technology Plan Mother

"The older children were a bit shocked at the schedule we adopted, and frankly, so were we but we're all on the same page now.  We have less screen time and more family time."

                                                                                                         - A Family Technology Plan Father

​Each session is approximately 2 hours long and is best if all family members are present.  The goal is to give everyone all the information about why this is important and give everyone a voice in adding elements and requests for the final Family Technology Plan.  Ultimately the parents have final say, however, this process helps generate "buy-in" from all members of the family and helps with the transition of a new plan in place.

If you are a parent you understand the world of technology, tablets, cell phones, and the Internet are growing faster than you can keep up with, but your children don't seem to have a problem.  In fact, they seem to know everything before you have even heard of it!  That can be dangerous.  How can you be a parent to your children without knowing how to parent in all areas of life?  These are not skills you learned from your parents.  This is something fresh and new that must be actively learned today!

Over 20 families in the Greater Houston Area have found Family Coaching to be an effective way to make a change in their home.  Family Coaching is a great way to get specific training and guidance in setting up your own Family Technology Plan. Family Coaching involves 4 in-home sessions where Tony will walk you and your children through developing a Family Technology Plan.  Each session looks different and has a variety of different goals.